Care Packages

Encourage your student by sending fun packages throughout the year. You can order Sunny's Box of Sunshine now for $10 OR you can order all four care packages at a discount rate of $40 total!

Sunny's Box of Sunshine

Order by September 30
Students pick up on October 4 & 5

Package includes a variety of yellow items:

Bible verse
Happy face mug
Happy face stickers
Yellow pad
Yellow candy
Tea bag

Fall Semester Finals Care Package

Students pick up on December 6 & 7

Package includes:

Bible verse
Blue book
#2 pencils
Trail mix
V-8 Fusion energy drink
Cliff Bar
Bubble wrap (stress reliever)
Coffee packet
Cocoa packet
Emergen-C Vitamin C packet
Bag of chips
Candy bar

Karnation & Kisses Valentine

Students pick up on February 13 & 14

Valentine includes:

One red carnation
Five Hershey kisses

Spring Semester Finals Care Package

Students pick up on April 25 & 26

The Spring Semester Finals Care Package will be the same as the Fall Semester Finals Care Package.

You will be able to add all 4 care packages to your cart on the next screen.

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